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After completing his training, Neill Caamano established ThaiOne Massage in 2017. The style of Thai Massage is a continuation of a sacred lineage dating back hundreds of years. The wisdom contained within it, as well as some of the techniques used, may not be familiar to you, but the results are real.

The history

Traditional Massage Therapy Dating Back Hundreds Of Years...

Thai Massage originated with the Reusi's of Thailand, several hundred years ago. Reusi's were Shamen-like aesthetics who studied the Natural Sciences and were inspired by Yoga as it arrived in Thailand from India, via Tibet. They developed a characteristic Thai-style of yoga and incorporated Joint Mobilisation exercises and self-massage techniques into their Buddhist practices. This collection of techniques began to be used not just by the Reusi's themselves, but as a system to treat others. It is this lineage from which ThaiOne Massage comes...

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Neill has background in social care; supporting people to live more independently, achieve goals and process trauma. Keen to follow his interests, he has a history in movement practices like parkour, yoga and qi-gong/tai-chi. Neill visited Thailand in late 2018 to continue his studies and further his understanding of Traditional Thai Medicine. ThaiOne Massage aims to work respectfully towards both the traditions and each person receiving a treatment.

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